Factors To Consider Before Moving Elderly In

Moving in an elderly parent or relative may not be a cake walk. Considering the high cost of admitting him to a finest aged care or care facility, it may look better to move him in with you, however you may have to pay a bigger price in terms of household costs, effort, stress and strained relations. This could be a big decision and hence here are some of the factors you need to consider beforehand.

The care needed by him

You need to have a clear idea of his physical and mental condition. If he is still fit and healthy, moving him in maybe a good idea as he could still spend time with your kids and also help around with household work. However, you need to anticipate his condition a few years down the line since you simply cannot abandon him once his condition deteriorates. If he is already ill, you may need to make arrangements for in home care assistants and other facilities if you cannot give your own time for it. Do not take up responsibilities that you cannot fulfill. Have a look at your schedule beforehand and also if you feel uncomfortable changing an adult diaper, then of course you need to get someone for it. Know your limits and take appropriate responsibility.

An adult-friendly household

If you are living on the fourth floor with no elevator, then moving in an elderly relative may not sound quite right. Even if you do move him in, he might feel depressed being confined to only your apartment. It is essential that the elderly move about, bond with nature and live a peaceful life. If you have such a home, great! Also consider your relationship with him. If you don’t get along really well, it is not going to change in future. So rather than bringing in a bossy control-freak elder, it would be healthier for both of you to stay apart but provide best home care facilities from Windsor.

Consider your own family

It is vital that the rest of your family members agree to your decision. Living with a grandparent the kids are not fond of can be a great disaster. But if they love him, you are in for a great advantage. If he is still fit, he could help you with the kids and take care of a few easy household chores. Also, consider your financials and make sure if your elder is willing to provide some financial help or not. It is important to consider his behavior around the house. For example, if he had bad drinking and smoking habits, having him around the kids all the time may not be a wise decision.

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