Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth As A Family

Maintaining healthy teeth ought to start from a family base. The more everyone joins in on the practice the easier it is to develop it as a habit from young days. Here are some tips you could use in your home to ensure healthy teeth in everyone.

Start early

The reason you see most children having lot of cavities and discolored teeth these days is because they have developed the habit of brushing twice a day, too late. Thus, having to visit a dentist with all sorts of complications. In order to maintain healthy teeth that is free of cavities and strong to the core it is essential that the practice of brushing starts off as from the young age of six months. While at the beginning you would only be brushing lightly, as time goes by developing the habit of using a toothbrush to brush properly would come as naturally for them.

Use enough fluoride

Fluoride is an essential ingredient in strengthening enamel. Thus making it less likely to fall off through decay and having to visit the Ballarat family dentist frequently. So when you are selecting a toothpaste make sure that you pay attention to the inclusion of the ingredient in its mix. However, you should also remember that this content ought to be used sparingly amongst kids as it could cause white spots in their teeth. So no more than a pea sized bit!

Brush twice a day

What most people do is brush only once a day and that is only in the morning before they leave to school or work. However, what you don’t realize is that brushing before going to bed is just as important. When you brush before going to bed, there is a lesser chance for cavities to form. But not developing this as a habit is only going to leave room for food remains to collect in the corners and turn into cavities that is going to hurt really bad when you have to clean for dental fillings.

Protect your teeth

Another thing that you need to develop is realizing the importance of your teeth. What this means is protecting your teeth even if you are playing a hardcore game of football or ice hockey. Most people tend to leave behind the protective gear either because of the inconvenience it is or how uncool it looks. However, the need for it is only realized when you have to end up getting fake teeth to make up for the lost one. So cherish them while you got by protecting them right!

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