Root Canal Treatment: Good Or Bad?

One of the most excruciating pains that one may have to bear includes toothache. Now, you may have taken good care of your tooth all through your life but there’s still a slight possibility of you having a tooth which might not be as healthy as it once used to be. A common practice or a bad habit witnessed most of the times is that of delaying the teeth treatment till the time that the pain is no longer bearable and you need immediate dental treatment. Now this is only one part of dealing with the issue, to delay it, but the other way to go about is to have your teeth checked right now without delaying it, you might need a root canal treatment. Now the name of this treatment does scare you of going through a lot of pain in your mouth, but science and technology have made this process much easier and much less painful.

So what is RCT? To sum the whole process in a few words, root canal or RCT basically is a procedure through which the dentists aim to save your infected teeth from getting extracted. Of course, if it has gone past that stage where an RCT could have saved your teeth, then it is better to get those teeth extracted. Of course, the biggest or the most significant benefit of this treatment is avoidance of tooth extraction and continuing using your tooth. Secondly, this treatment is performed after an anesthesia is administered to you, so the chances of your feeling pain are extremely low. Moreover, you can have the whole process in parts. You do not have to go through the entire operation in one go, so, you can first have the removal of your infection done, and can decide on another day to visit your doctor for a filling and the placement of crown. So, this also makes this whole process much more comfortable.

Speaking of the drawbacks of this root canal treatment, the most major one is the pain that you’ll have to bear once the effects of anesthesia start to fade. Even if you’ll mistakenly move your treated tooth, you’ll have to bear the pain, but that will only be for a while, till the time your gum gets healed. Secondly, these treatments are mostly not very economical and its cost may also depend on the intensity of the damage done. This is why it is much better to discuss the total cost and the payment plan with your dentist prior to having this treatment started.

Last but not the least, it is highly recommended to select a weekend dentist who is well-reputed and uses only that equipment which is sterilized properly. Take good care of your teeth!  

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